“Multitalented, fast and reliable. Pablo is not only a great producer, but also one of the best drummers I’ve worked with. “

-Nicholas Staub

Pablo Aragona is the owner and founder of Max Music, a Music Production and Recording Studio based in Winter Park, Florida. Since 2020 he has produced and recorded music for local musicians such as Thomas Milovac, Florida Man’s Revenge, Shay Butter, The GreenJays, Osaka Fall, Duck Romero, Metamorphs, Nahgool, Triple Axl, Run Raquel and many more. Pablo Aragona has showcased his versatility by working with a wide range of music genres. From the reggae vibes of Florida Man’s Revenge to the smooth R&B vibes of Shay Butter, and from the catchy pop melodies of Run Raquel to the experimental sounds of Metamorphs, Pablo has proven his ability to adapt and excel in various musical styles.

Working with a versatile music producer like Pablo Aragona offers numerous benefits. His ability to adapt and excel in various musical styles means that he can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to any project. Whether it’s reggae, R&B, pop, or experimental, Pablo’s expertise and creativity ensure that he can bring out the best in any artist and help them achieve their desired sound.